Online Dating: Compatible Matches For The INTJ Personality

The INTJ personality types occur in just 2.1% of the population, and while there are 16 MBTI/Jung personality types and not all personality types are compatible when it comes to romance. Since compatibility between humans is complex, knowing you personality type can give some insights about suitable matches for you. For INTJs using online dating and matchmaking, here we describe five highly compatible personality types, as well as three personality types they will find extremely challenging.

Online Dating, finding great matches for the INTJ personality type.

Understand the INTJ personality type. INTJ stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgement

I – Introversion rather than Extraversion:

INTJs tend to be quiet and reserved. They generally prefer interacting with a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances, and they expend energy in social situations (whereas extroverts gain energy).

N – Intuition rather than Sensing:

INTJs tend to be more abstract than concrete. They focus their attention on the big picture rather than the details and on future possibilities rather than immediate realities.

T – Thinking rather than Feeling:

INTJs tend to value objective criteria above personal preference or sentiment. When making decisions they generally give more weight to logic than to social considerations.

J – Judgment rather than Perception:

INTJs tend to approach life in a structured way, rather than keeping options open and flexibly changing without accommodating to their structured world with discretion.

Relationship compatibility, great matches for the INTJ personality type.

INTJs are analytical individualists who seek novel ways of looking at things. INTJs enjoy coming to new understandings and are prepared to lead if no one else seems up to the task, or if they see a major weakness in the current leadership. They are very determined people who trust their vision, regardless of what others think. They tend to be pragmatic, creative, and logical, preferring to make a series of logical suggestions on how to resolve an issue. INTJs have little tolerance for spin or drama{ and don't beat around the bush. This seemingly blunt perspective is not always welcomed by more sensitive companions. INTJs are at their best quietly and firmly developing their ideas, theories, and principles, they do not readily accept authority based on tradition, rank, or title but will accept demonstrated expertise on the part of another person.

So what personality types are good matches for the INTJ personality type?

Well, there are 16 personality types in the Jung-Briggs system, and under that framework, these personality types should be on your short-list.

Here are five great matches for someone with the INTJ personality type

The INTJ and ENTJ couple:

There is great understanding between these two competency focused individuals. The more out-going ENTJ will try to assume the leadership role, however the independent INTJ will quietly resist.

The INTJ and INTJ couple:

The similar competency focused approach to life may see this couple become quite self-sufficient within their own partnership. They are independent and skeptical of others’ ideas and established ways of doing things.

The INTJ and INTP couple:

There will be great understanding between these two, they are both socially cautious and value competency. The INTJ is independent, whereas the INTP loves to challenge people to think.

The INTJ and INFJ couple:

The INFJ is deeply reflective, creative and quietly caring. The INTJ is skeptical, independent with a high need for competency. Each will appreciate what the other can contribute to their experience, although there may be conflict over the importance of principle over harmony between these two.

The INTJ and ENTP couple:

The enthusiastic ENTP who enthusiastically embraces and then later abandons new ideas will sometimes baffle the competency-based INTJ. Love for new ideas is common to both types. The ENTP does not mind a bit of brinksmanship in relationships and often argues both sides of any point just for fun, while the INTJ is likely to find this quality annoying.

The INTJ is likely to find the ESFP a very challenging personality type in relationships

The INTJ and ESFP relationship:

INTJs are independent and theoretically minded, whereas ESFPs are performers who enjoy being the life of the party with little appreciation or understanding of the 'big picture' .

The INFJ and ISFP couple:

The INTJ is independent and theoretically minded, whereas the ISFP enjoys more practical and spontaneous activities.

The INFJ and ESTP couple:

The INTJ is independent and theoretically minded, whereas the ESTP is practically minded and enjoys playing an active role in team activities.

What does it all mean for the INTJ type?

Out of the sixteen personalities, the INTJ personality type is the most compativle with the ENTJs, INTJs, INTPs, INFJs, and ENTPs. In romantic relationships, these personality types become natural companions to the ENTJ.

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