Online Dating And Romantic Matches For ESFJ Personality Type

The ESFJ personality types occur in 12.3% of the population. While there are 16 MBTI/Jung personality types and not all personality types are compatible when it comes to online dating and matchmaking. Here are four highly compatible personality types for the ESFJ, as well as one personality type they will find challenging. Use this guide to help find your perfect soulmate for a healthy relationship based on personality compatibility

Online Dating: Finding Good Matches for ESFJ Personality Types

How to define the ESFJ Personality Type? It stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment

E – Extraversion rather than Introversion:

ESFJs generally prefer interacting with a wide circle of acquaintances rather than a few close friends, and they feel energized in social situations (whereas Introverts feel uncomfortable entering a room filled with new people).

S – Sensing rather than Intuition:

ESFJs tend to be more practically minded than abstract. They focus their attention on the details rather than the big picture and on immediate realities rather than future possibilities.

F – Feeling rather than Thinking:

ESFJs tend to value personal preference or sentiment above objective criteria. When making decisions they generally give more weight to social considerations rather than to logic.

J – Judgment rather than Perception:

ESFJs tend to approach life in a structured way, rather than keeping options open and flexibly changing without accommodating to their structured world with discretion.

Relationship compatibility, great matches for the ESFJ personality type

ESFJs have a strong personality that is focused on the people around them and their welfare. They are industrious, loyal and prefer to follow standard operating procedures. They have the ability to remember, manipulate and manage large amounts of detailed data and so are very thorough. They are organized and efficient.

So what personality types are some good matches for the ESFJ personality type?

Well there are 16 personality types in the Jung-Briggs system, and under that framework, these personality types should be on your short-list.

Here are four great matches for someone with the ESFJ personality type

The ESFJ and ISTJ couple:

Practical and well suited. The ESFJ will crave social interaction, while the ISTJ will probably need lots of quiet time pursuing hobbies or other interests.

The ESFJ and ISFJ couple:

Both practical types, who will experience much in common. The ESFJ will seek a lot of social interaction, whereas the ISFJ (who also loves people, just not in crowds) will often prefer quieter pursuits.

The ESFJ and ESTJ couple:

Both are outgoing and practical, the strongly opinionated ESTJ would be advised to follow the lead of their ESFJ partner in social situations. They will have much in common.

The ESFJ and ESFJ couple:

A very good pairing. This couple will enjoy entertaining and have many mutual interests.

The ESFJ is likely to find the INTPs a very challenging personality type in relationships

The ESFJ and INTP relationship: INTP s are socially cautious and prefer thoughtful relationships. ESFJs love to entertain and are comfortable with small talk, which tends to irritate the more theoretically minded INTP.

What does it mean for the ESFJ type?

Out of the sixteen personalities, the ESFJ personality type is the most compatible with the ISFJs, ESFJs, ISTJs, and ESTJs. In romantic relationships, these personality types become natural companions to the ESFJ.

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