The Love Story of Melissa & Mez: DNA is Scientific & Romantic

Melissa and Mez
Alison M Jones photography

News Journalist Rebecca Thorn from BBC noted in her recent articles that "the idea of using DNA to match singles with prospective partners sits at the heart of Netflix TV series The One and AMC's Soulmates. But far from a futuristic invention of the writer's room, DNA matchmaking is already at play in the real world." It is scientifically proven that HLA genes in human DNA play a crucial role in the human relationship. The technology of generating and analyzing specific DNA is an important breakthrough for modern online dating. In Rebecca's recently published BBC article "DNA matchmaking: Can science help in matters of the heart? "DNA Romance users Melissa and Mez from Australia shared their charming love story and how DNA Romance participated in their sweetness. By the way, we want to sincerely congratulate and send our best wishes for Melissa & Mez's newborn baby!

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