They just friendzoned me! why? and how to escape?

Leaving the friend zone and developing a romantic relationship.

Getting out of the Friend Zone

The "friend zone" refers to a situation in which one person in a friendship is interested in becoming more than friends with the other person, while the other person sees them only as a friend. If you find yourself in the friend zone it can be a hard place to escape. To get out of the friend zone make your intentions known, and don't tiptoe over your romantic feelings. You need to tell the other person what you are feeling. If they share similar feelings towards you then that is awesome, try to move forward with establishing a relationship. Sometimes they might not share the same feelings and that’s okay! There are many other people out there in the world for you, and you can use modern technologies like DateMetriX to find these special individuals. Men especially suffer from the friend zone and often have no idea how to get out. Women find it hard to connect with men who are not sexually open. So the fastest way out of the friend zone is to show her that you are capable of being sexual. You can slowly get closer to them or even add some physical touch with your hand; it's essential to make sure the other person feels comfortable, so make sure you gauge how they react to your movements. It is usually more obvious when a woman feels uncomfortable, and you want to avoid doing so. Make sure you take it slow with women, and you need to sense and gauge what they are comfortable with. It is a bit more difficult to sense when a man gets uncomfortable if you find they are moving away from you or the tone of their voice changes, maybe slow your process down.

Signs you're in the Friend Zone

How do we know if we are in the friend zone? Some people are more challenging to read than others, they send us mixed signals which confuses us even more. Looking for these subtle cues can help you assess if you are in the friend zone.

1). They Confesses To You:

They refer to you as a friend and tell you everything about their lives, including their love lives. If this information is getting to you, it is clear they see you as a trusted friend. They would not be confessing their love life to someone whom they may see as a potential match. Or they tell you that you are just friends. You need to make sure that you tell them how you feel before it may be too late.

2). You're The Wingman:

If they are helping you find someone to then it is obvious they do not see you as someone they want a relationship with. If they did like you, they would not be setting you up with other people.

3). They Say They Are Dating Someone else:

This is a clear-cut sign that they only see you as a friend.

Escaping the Friend Zone

This can be tricky since you likely don't want to ruin your current friendship with some unneeded awkwardness, but you want to be open with them. Here are a couple of tips on how to escape the friend zone.
  • Don't get into the friend zone

    If someone tells you that you are friends, maybe don't pursue that relationship. You want to make it evident that you do not want to be friends, you want to make your intentions clear.
  • Let them know your feelings

    This is the first thing that should be done. People are not mind readers, some may be able to pick up on subtle cues, but others may not. Try to be subtle initially, try not to be too forward, gauge their reactions, and continue from there.
  • Seduction and Flirting

    Flirting and Seduction when done correctly can get you where you may want to be. Do not be too pushy with this as it may make them uncomfortable. See what the boundaries are for the person and go from there.
  • Sell yourself

    This may sound like the opposite of what you want to hear, but sometimes focusing on yourself allows the other individual to see what they are missing. Do not flat out ignore the other person, but don’t act like a puppy dog around them. Let them come to the realization of how awesome you are and they will come to you! Dressing nicely, having a clean look, and improving how you present yourself can all help. You want to try and induce some feelings about them missing out(FOMO) and hope they come to the realization of what they are missing out on.

Stick to these golden rules, when trying to escape the friend zone!

  • Don't tell them you are seeing other people, as that might gross them out and they might not see you as a potential partner anymore.
  • Don't have poor hygiene and be immature.
  • Don't be a puppy dog, don't act like the world revolves around them.
  • Don't tell them you are friends or treat them as a friend.
  • Find a good time to express yourself.
  • Don't be in a rush, and instead be calm, kind, and gentle since this information will be a shock for the other person.
  • Don’t take rejection too seriously, there are plenty of people out there for you. You never know how it may turn out, so start by expressing yourself.

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